Data Services

With deep domain and process command in the enterprise data area, Hanu Corp's services directly impact the way processes and workflows are organized in a typical technology services firm.

We help ensure that the data used for business processing and regulatory oversight is of high quality, accessible, and easy to integrate into the downstream system. It also ensures the data is comparable across multiple sources without the necessity of additional transformation or the need for manual reconciliation. Our offerings take the shape of:

  • Assessment Services: Our experts can perform various assessment services from data maturity assessment & strategy, downstream on-boarding analysis, and decommissioning strategy definition.

  • Building Services: Hanu Corp can build data management infrastructure from the ground up. Our experts can perform various building services, including security master creation and client master creation.

  • Integration Services: Hanu Corp can integrate consuming applications, and new data feeds into the firm's existing data management infrastructure. Our experts possess an Integration Toolkit with pre-built adapters for different consuming applications, master data systems, and data sources.

  • Operation Services: Hanu Corp can perform QA operations, production support operations, data cleansing operations, and fully managed data service operations. Our experts have pre-build utilities and tools for data comparison, entity/instrument